Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cycling in Kerian District, Perak, Malaysia

Cycling in Parit Buntar, Sg.Bakau, Kuala Bg.Tiang, Tanjong Pinang, Kuala Kurau and Kuala Gula

This is may be weird because I live here. I have made quite some kilometers here in Kerian Distict, Perak, Malaysia mostly in Padi field small roads and along the river and sea side.

Cycling in Kerian is a mixed though mostly very pleasant experience. People here live in village house and some build houses on the top of the river side. However, when you pass, they are very interested in what, why and how you do it. Don't be surprised they give you very valuable advice to visit a nearby fish farm, prawn farm, dry fish industry and many more.

Yours truly cycling at Kerian Distict, Perak, Malaysia.
Sungai Bakau a small town along the coustal are usually busy in the morning. It's good idea to go in the morning you can see fishing boats coming back from the sea. It's not hot and save to cycle around. The other side is that many find it fascinating you do ride here and especially in the lesser visited areas, people are proud you take the time to visit their town.

I think cycling in Kerian is very good to do, it's quite safe, even on the busier roads. The roads, are busy or not, are usually in good condition. In fact, when you leave the ongoing big roads, it becomes surprisingly quiet. You will pass small kampongs (villages) where the time seems to have stand still, sometimes it feels like being in a time machine.

And on other moments you simply end up in some festival or Weddings.

Once off those main roads, you will enjoy the country life, see birds, monitor lizards (they call them biawaks here), some times many kinds of sea birds or a snake.

I do quite a bit of cycling in Kerian with bike tourist visiting my place., mostly in the north west and I find it easy, along the coastline it's mostly flat but land inwards it can be surprisingly steep. Like I said, once of the ongoing roads, cycling in Malaysia is extremely nice, quiet and pleasant.

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